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Jean Monnet Center of Excellence


Aiming to promote Competition Law

Why Competition Law?

Competition law is one of the main pillars and one of the main drivers of EU integration. It is one of the main tools that drive innovation and long-term economic growth of the EU. Harmonized application of Competition law is also one of the main perquisites for successful integration of candidate countries in the EU. In post-COVID-19 times, Competition law will be one of the main tools that businesses can employ to recover from a crisis caused by COVID-19. Only consistent enforcement of EU competition rules will boost employment and will ensure post-COVID-19 recovery and vibrant economic activity, not only in the EU Member States but also in candidate countries, throughout Europe and the world.

While in the EU Member States there is a strong (financial and institutional) support, focus and public awareness on the need for the consistent enforcement of Competition law rules, EU candidates and EU partner countries lack systematic support, knowledge, expertise, and resources. Such a situation may have a long-term negative impact on those countries. It may slow down their economic transition and economic development and consequently their integration in the EU.

Therefore, the purpose of the Project is to establish the south and east European center of excellence for the EU Competition and State aid law. Joined under the Project, Project partners will organize and coordinate their resources, lead research activities and promote innovative contributions to the study of the Competition Law topics relevant to EU integration and EU economic interests.


An ultimate and long-term goal of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is to establish a South and East European (SEE) research and teaching centre (INSTITUTE) for EU Competition law with strong regional sub-centers in Osijek, Sarajevo, Tirana and Skopje. Project is anticipated to produce direct impact on other countries of Eastern Europe, notably Moldova, Tajikistan (in later phase possibly Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc.).

  • International focus – our resarch partners come from 8 different countries

  • Opening educational opportunities –  enabling personal and professional advancement with positive impact on Europeanization

  • Further networking – promotion of ERASMUS exchange among students and Project partner institutions where such cooperation has not yet been established


Conducting joint research (Research title: “Bridging the Gap: Strengthening Competition Law Enforcement in SEE regions”)

Project will promote learning mobility (non-formal and informal) of Project participants

Project will facilitate transmission of the best practice and expertise and the development of digital capabilities and thus contributing to quality education while strengthening social cohesion of European east

Project will promote excellence in teaching and research by gathering the most prominent national experts in the field of EU (Competition law) studies

Project will increase intercultural understanding of people and nations of European east

graduate and postgraduate students

university professors

local or state-level policymakers and public servants

members of government and non-government business associations and businesses

corporate lawyers and national judges

1. Joint research activities on common and relevant (EU) Competition law issues,

2. Development of common curricula for EU Competition Law course and teaching manual (e-book) for students on EU Competition Law course

3. Joint teaching activities (for students, practitioners, public servants, local businesses, etc.).

In short term, Project will support research and further strengthen competencies of (particularly junior) research involved in the previous Jean Monnet Module. The result of that will be improved and innovative content of existing EU Competition Law course with a focus on State aid and Digital markets.

In the medium-term Project will increase capacity to attract excellent students and researchers from broader regions and thus to become a regional focal point for studying and teaching EU Competition law. At this point, there is no such initiative or action in this part of Europe.

In the long term Project will support establishment of SEE Institute for EU Competition law, possibly joint Ph.D. studies, join online courses.




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