Jean Monnet Center of Excellence South and Erast European Competition Law

Purpose of the Project is to establish south and east European center of excellence for the EU Competition and State aid law and thus to create a missing links between academic institutions from east Europe and beyond. This center would be a regional center and focal point for academic research, teaching, debate and reflection in the field of EU Competition and State aid Law. It will bring together prominent Competition law academics and experts from totally eight (8) countries, two EU Member state countries (Croatia and Italy), three EU candidate countries (Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania) and three EU partner countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Tajikistan).

Joined under the Project, Project partners will organize and coordinate their resources, lead research activities and promote innovative contributions to the study of the Competition Law topics relevant for EU integration and EU economic interests.

Moreover, the Project aims at identifying, discussing and rethinking the convergence issues in these states and their specific response to European policy demands. Special focus will be on Competition law in digital markets, post – COVID 19 Competition law enforcement and State aid rules. Project will reach broad types of beneficiaries: students (graduate and postgraduate); members of academia (university professors of different academic profile); corporate lawyers, national (mostly administrative courts) judges, local and national policy makers, representatives of local of/ and national Government, local business, compliance officers in companies which are regional market leaders. Project will deliver 12 events with at 500 beneficiaries form 8 countries.


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